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If you"d like to enter a pharmacy residency program, you may be required to include a letter of intent along with your resume or curriculum vitae. Read the application instructions carefully and make sure you"re sending a letter of intent, rather than a cover letter. A cover letter is not as detaile

Beauty Colleges in Oregon

A beauty school paradesenior pupils say goodbye to school image by Pavel Kashaev from Fotolia.comThe majority of beauty colleges in Oregon are located along Highway 5, Oregon"s major highway. On that route, in Portland and its surrounding cities, is where you will find most of the beauty...

For Beginners: Getting a Better Page Rank

Now that search engine use is at an all-time high (both on desktops and mobile devices), it is critical for online marketers to get their client sites well-positioned for maximum exposure within the proper categories. What are basic ways to do this?

On Bars and Accessories for Cigars

The bars for cigars: A bar is an important place for all cigar lovers. There are venues as well which cater to the lifestyle of the smokers, and their love for these finer things. These ...

Alternative Medicine Programs in America

Of the numerous alternative medicine programs - massage therapy, holistic health, energy healing, and nutritional consulting are some of the more popular academic programs available today.However, mor


A Case For Human Change

All around the world, global warming is beginning to affect us all. In the polar ice caps, glaciers are melting while the icebergs are beginning to shrink and therefore the rising sea levels. Many species of animals are becoming endangered, some driven to the point of near extinction.


How to Choose Auto Paint Colors

Your car is an expression of your self; some people say it"s an extension of their personality. So you will want to choose the best look and color for your car. It should be a color that suits both you and your car. A hot-pink pickup truck isn"t the norm, but it"s perfect if it suits you.

How to Set the Timing on a '92 Honda Accord

Over time, timing belt stretch causes ignition timing to be slightly off and engine performance, as well as fuel economy, can suffer. Setting the timing on your 1992 Honda Accord to the factory setting of 13 to 17 degrees before top dead center, or BTDC, will restore some of the engine"s lost perfor

How to Wire a Tow Package

According to federal law, vehicles trailing behind as you drive must be able to notify (through some means) when you slow down or begin to turn. This applies to trailers as well as automobiles. Your vehicle will need some sort of electrical provision to send a signal to the trailer"s brake and turn

Tire Rim Damage

While many rims are designed to resist corrosion and scratching, they can still be damaged no matter how carefully you drive. Rims have only a thin piece of rubber that protects them from all the hazards of the road. Salt and sand left by plow trucks during the winter can also damage rims.

How to Easily Fix Squeaky Brakes

Braking systems are fairly complex, with numerous fluid, mechanical and thermal interactions that can make things go wrong in a variety of ways. Squeaking brakes are a common ailment, at times a warning of problems to come and at others merely an annoyance. While a full brake job is the best way to

How to Bleed Boat Steering

When your outboard motor"s tilt/trim system becomes sluggish and doesn"t respond to the commands from the control switch, it"s a safe bet that the system"s fluid is low. When air replaces the fluid in a hydraulic system, some very unpleasant things can happen, including system failure. The hydraulic

Replace Your Wiper Blades

Windshield wiper blades have been around for over seventy-five years. Today's designs are known for their superior performance and you can count on modern wiper blades to be advanced in both technology and design. Today's ...


Allergy Medications for a Canine

Allergies are a hassle whether you"re a person, a cat or a dog. While humans have a wide variety of over-the-counter allergy remedies and medications, pets do not. Common types of allergies include inhaled (pollen), contact (poison ivy) and reactions to food. Fortunately, advances in...