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Create a Faux Separation in a Large Room

If you have a living room and dining room combination, you might want to think about creating a faux separation that can give you the impression you have two separate rooms.
A faux separation works great for a particularly long basement or a backroom that could be made into a reading room with an adjoining hobby room.
In fact, you just might find a unique place in your home anywhere you want to separate a room for two distinct purposes.
Separate Choose the spot where you want to add your separation.
It doesn't necessarily have to be in the middle of a large room.
If you have to distinct rooms in mind but one only needs a little area, put your separation where it's most appropriate.
Build the Chimney You're not going to build a real chimney.
You don't need to cause any destruction to the wall at all.
Build a structure that extends from the floor to the ceiling.
Build the hearth to extend three feet from the wall.
Then, build the chimney to extend two feet out from the wall.
Make the hearth about four feet wide and a foot tall.
Of course, you can just have a four foot by three foot area of flat tile.
You have many options.
Either way, build the chimney to be about three feet wide.
These are just general guidelines.
Of course for your personal faux separation, you'll have to make the dimensions to fit the room or any dimensions that make you comfortable.
Install Fireplace This next step can be done one of two ways.
You can install a premade ventless gel fireplace or you can install a fireplace insert and make your own fireplace.
Either way, you'll have to cut in the wall to make an area for your fireplace.
If you choose to install a premade model, simply make your measurements so that you know where to cut.
Drill a hole at each corner.
Then, cut straight lines with your jig saw.
Insert the premade fireplace model and you're ready to finish the décor.
If you want to install a fireplace insert and make your own fireplace, consider your measurements.
Drill holes at each corner.
Cut straight lines with your jig saw.
Then, build sides to the inside of the fireplace area.
Install Barrier Install tar paper to your hearth and chimney.
Stretch it tight and attach with staples.
Then, apply scratch coat.
Prepare scratch coat according to manufacturer's specifications.
Apply a level surface and then make the surface rough by scratching it with a trowel.
If you've installed a premade fireplace, the next step isn't necessary.
If you're going to install a fireplace insert and create your fireplace that way, install a mantel.
It should be a foot to a foot and a half above your fireplace area.
Apply Stone Install your fireplace stone with mortar mixed to manufacturer's specifications.
Separate corner stones from flat stones.
Start from the outside and work your way into the center.
Apply a layer of mortar to the back of each stone, put it in place and hold for a few seconds.
Work your way up the wall, then start inward.
Fill the joints with mortar and scrape smooth.
Your fireplace is now finished and there is a distinct separation in the room that allows you to designate one side for one purpose and the other side for another.
This design works if you simply want a fireplace in the room.
But, it's a great idea for creating a faux separation so that you can make a particularly long room appear as if it's two adjoining rooms.
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