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Auto Insurance - Why Women Get Better Rates

Women often get worse deals in many things.
Nevertheless, the case is different in auto insurance.
Insurance companies over years have established that women are lower auto insurance risks to them.
This is why they give them lower premiums.
1) Most speed demons are male.
If a driver is attempting risky manuevres, it's likely a male driver.
Women are brought up to be graceful.
This makes it more unlikely for a woman to be rough and reckless on the road.
And where such traits exist naturally, societal pressure often tones it down quite a great deal -- It's not ladylike to be physically rough.
2) Driving for very long hours isn't something most women do.
This makes their average mileage lower than that of their male folks.
A man is generally considered better at physical activities.
And, they will usually be the ones to drive if it's a long drive.
3) Who insists on driving classics and rather large cars? You guessed right -- The guys.
These and other factors make auto insurers favor women given similar profiles.
All insurance companies will not treat you equally.
Some will score your gender high; others will not weigh it that much.
This will translate to a lower quote all other things being equal.
If you want to get an understanding of how your insurance rates are calculated, check my other articles.
You can save a lot in your auto insurance policy despite your gender or circumstance...
Obtaining and comparing auto insurance quotes from insurance quotes sites will guarantee that you save anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousands (depending on your profile, policy and current auto insurance rate).
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