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Make a Guy Chase You Using These Three Great Tips

Do you want to make a guy chase you? Do you want to lure him further to you? Do you want know how to get him hooked? If you answered "yes" to all of these questions, read on to learn more on how you can make a guy chase you like you are the only girl left in the world for him.
Make your presence known Being outspoken and confident is a turn on for most men so let him know that you are interested in him.
You can also do this non-verbally by dressing up nicely for him and being kind to him.
Use your body language wisely by smiling at him and touching him lightly on the shoulder or the arm.
This gives him an idea that you are a person that he can be comfortable and be friends with.
But don't always be available While you might have given him the impression that you will always be available for him, don't.
Playing hard to get is one of the best ways that you can make a guy chase you because doing so can leave him hanging, making him curious on what you are up to.
Don't reply immediately if he texts or emails you, and if you must answer the phone, keep the conversations short.
Keep the guy guessing Guys love a challenge so be challenging prospect for him.
Avoid being predictable to arouse his curiosity in you, which allows you to capture his attention and make him think of you more.
Don't give in immediately to his desires so he can work harder in attaining them from you.
This makes you look like an exciting prospect that can make a guy chase you more.
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