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Tire Rim Damage



    • Potholes are a rim's worst enemy. These depressions and holes in the roadways can cause significant damage to rims even if you are traveling at low speeds. Hitting a large pothole can actually bend and twist the rim. This can cause vibrations while driving as well as reduced handling and performance, and even cause your tires to fall off.


    • Salt will damage the finish on many rims, especially the expensive chrome ones. Many rim manufacturers recommended that chrome rims be taken off during the winter months. Once exposed to salt, the finish on the rims will start to deteriorate, which will make rims susceptible to rusting and dull the finish. Try to frequently wash your car's rims during the winter months, even if it is just hosing them off.

    Sand and Stones

    • Sand and smaller stones can cause pitting and small scratches to the rim of your car. While driving, sand and stones can be thrown against the rims of your car at very high speeds. Delicate surfaces such as those on chrome rims usually take more damage then aluminum alloy wheels. While this problem does not cause significant damage, over time it can cause noticeable imperfections on your car's rims.

    Curb Damage

    • Curb damage happens when you hit a curb with a wheel. Parking a car alongside a curb is difficult for many people, especially those driving large SUVs. While many times the sidewall of the tire will protect the rim, this is not the case with tall curbs. The cement of the curb will grind the finish of the rim and remove the paint while putting gouges in the metal. Curb damage can also result in rusting of the wheel surface.

    Brake Dust

    • Brake dust is created each and every time you press the brakes on your car. This dust will coat your wheels in a fine black dust and eventually burn into the surface of the wheel. The result is a pitted, dark-colored wheel. Removing brake dust can be easy if your car is washed every month. Simply hose down your wheels, apply wheel cleaner and wipe away with a soft towel.

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