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The Options Used to Hold Back Curtains


    Conventional Hold Backs

    • Hold backs are devices that are constructed of metal or wood and are screwed into the wall in which your window is set. They function to provide a stationary hook for your curtains to be placed in to prevent them from opening. They are not attached to the curtains and do not move. The metal ones come in polished or muted finishes, in brass, copper, wrought iron and nickel, among others. The wood options are neutral tones to match most drapery such as cherry wood or bamboo.

    Conventional Tie Backs

    • Tie backs are the more flexible option, as they are made of fabric or different types of cord. These can have decorative tassels at the ends, or intricate beading throughout. They also come in a wide variety of colors to suit your tastes. They can be tied easily around each drape to keep them in place. They are not attached to the wall, only to the curtain itself and they move with the curtains.

    Greenery Tie Backs

    • There are also many ways to be creative in tying back your curtains. According to "Curtain Hold Backs," one of these ways is to use different types of greenery. For example, you could use a small wreath or a flowered garland around each drape to keep it in place. These can give your space a fresh look along with providing the same functional capacity as the more conventional options.

    Repurposed Tie Backs

    • You can use a piece of ribbon to tie back your drapes, playing with the colors to change the look as you desire. You can also use old necklaces for a funky tie back that adds a new twist to a practical accessory. You can even use old neckties or head wraps that are available in a broad spectrum of colors and will tie back your curtains effectively.

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