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Other Styles in Fashion

Nearly every woman is conscious of her appearance.
Fashion is always on her mind.
If you are the type of person who loves being in the limelight, then you probably do not let fashion escape you.
Each year, the trends for clothing, make-up, shoes, and hairstyle change.
So, if you are not alert, you might easily be outmoded.
But what exactly are the different types of fashion? Do you always have to sport a particular look to be considered fashionable? Well, vintage, classic, and modern are the most common types.
These styles are practically everywhere.
You can find vintage and modern clothing in almost every clothes store you see.
Anyway, African style clothing is something that you may not have expected to see in stores.
This other style of clothing is not seen just about anywhere.
This other style of clothing reflects centuries of culture as well as influence of other societies on various African tribes.
This other style of clothing is also inspired by the cultural and traditional pieces worn by Africans for many decades.
African women usually wear clothes that reflect their political, religious, and social standing.
Senegalese women, for instance, wear a boubou as part of their tradition.
This garment is a loose-fitting and lengthy robe with embroidery.
The older women wear long gowns known as grand boubous over loose and baggy trousers.
They young women, on the other hand, wear anangos or close-fitting tunics that have plunging v-necklines.
They also wear matching cotton wrap skirts as part of this other style.
Nigerian women also wear skirt wraps.
In fact, the wrapper is their most common traditional attire.
In addition, these Nigerian women wear bubas or blouses that are either baggy or fitted.
In East Africa, however, women wear kangas or colorful shawls.
Nevertheless, one other style is punk fashion.
This one varies widely and is influenced by glam rock, greasers, mods, rude boys, and skinheads.
Punk fashion is extremely commercialized, as well.
Numerous fashion designers such as Jean Paul Gaultier and Vivienne Westwood have used this other style in their designs.
Originally, punk clothing was just handmade.
However, when more and more people started liking this other style in the 1980's, punk clothing became mass produced.
Soon enough, they were sold in specialty stores and record stores.
A lot of fashion magazines even featured this other style in their issues.
Another style is the Harajuku.
This one originated among teenagers on the streets near Harajuku Station in Japan.
Gwen Stefani, an American singer, helped introduced this style to America and to other parts of the world.
Harajuku, however, is quite difficult to describe because it constantly changes.
Nevertheless, any person can still easily sport this fashion.
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