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Hometown Hero

The other day while doing some book shopping in the city, I noticed a large throng of people gathered in Forrest Place. Wondering initially what event they were there to celebrate, I had my curiosity satisfied when hometown boxing hero Danny Green took to the stage to wild applause. Having just come

The Benefits of A Purposeful Life

To live a life with purpose is a life of direction and intent. It strengthens your conviction and faith. Your life was not an accident. Your time on this earth was predetermined. The meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away. When you experience life, you experienc

Basic Ground Rules For Stress Management

Stress is the basic problem of a modern hectic lifestyle. Most people residing in urban cities suffer from one stress type or another. In most situations we attribute this stress to external factors and hence expect the external forces to change in order to help ourselves relieve our stress.

Information, Activism, and Inner Peace

Looking for balance between the desire to spread real information so people can make useful choices for their health in particular and the need for compassion and inner peace? Being an activist without hatred. Having an impact based on facts and not manipulation. Ringing the bell of documented truth

When I Was a Hippie (Part 2 of 5)

Well, I thought it was all over for this bunch of hippies. The cops usually had no compassion for druggies, and when the driver dove back into the van and rummaged through the glove box looking for non-existent papers, mumbling that we would all have to get out, I knew we were finished!


The thought of starting a furniture repair business [http://startfurniturerepairbusiness.blogspot.com/] must be of interest to you, since you are reading my article. This article is geared toward individuals that have been trained in any of the ...

Who is a Compassionate Listener?

It is difficult to become a good listener who both validates the pain of the other, while maintaining the ability to look at themselves. Each person must listen compassionately to themselves and each other.

Making More Money

Making more money is usually at the top of most self improvement lists. Since everyone wants to make more money, the plan to accomplish this should be available to everyone. Poverty can grip anyone at any stage in life, no one is immune. We all want to prosper. We all want to protect our prosperity.

Hypnosis - An Effective Tool to Enhance Memory and Concentration

Hypnosis provides you with the proper tools for reinforcing your memory and concentration. Memory is like a muscle, the more you use it the better it gets and the more it is neglected the worse it gets. People complain that they have a poor memory they forget names, faces, telephone numbers, events,

Accomplishing That Which Seems Impossible: The Hummingbird

I was in a meeting this morning, contemplating the daunting road ahead. The idea that I was about to jump off a metaphorical cliff into a world I know little about was scary. I know it was what I needed to do, but I was feeling in over my head... then a hummingbird reveals a gift of insight.

Stepping In The River

A Greek philosopher named Heraclitus said, you never step into the same river twice. So, I make this bold statement: You never get the same chance twice. You either make a better opportunity or accept a worse opportunity and winning always comes down to beginning and then consistently swimming the r