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How to Keep a Down Pillow From Losing Feathers

Down and feather pillows are wonderfully fluffy and comfortable, but they tend to lose their feathers often. It is a pain to pick up feathers from the floor that have escaped from your pillows. Furthermore, the more feathers that fall out of the pillow mean fewer feathers in the pillow to rest your

What Is Included in the House Architecure Design?

Architecture in general is the science of designing buildings. Residential architecture specializes in the design of homes. The most important aspect in house architecture design is choosing the right residential architect. A residential designer is devoted to creating a home that is beautiful yet f

How to Restore the Finish on Vinyl Patio Furniture

Vinyl patio furniture is a popular alternative to fabric and foam cushion furniture, which can easily become mildewed. Vinyl is durable like leather, and withstands outdoor elements better then leather because it is a form of plastic. It is aesthetically pleasing because it looks like leather, and a

How to Paint Ceramic Lamps

Painting a ceramic lamp is an inexpensive way to rejuvenate the decor of a room. Whether you want to update an old ceramic lamp or change the style of a secondhand ceramic lamp you purchased at a thrift store, paint affords you the ability to create a design that will blend with your color scheme. S

Bathroom Shower Screens 101

Making changes to your bathroom or getting repair work done is often loathed or avoided as much as possible. Very few people appreciate the inconvenience presented by a bathroom that needs to be fixed up ...

Bali Blinds Installation

Bali blinds are fine quality, high-end blinds constructed from different types of materials including aluminum, thin pieces of wood and taught fabric. These blinds are specifically designed for do-it-yourself installation, and can usually be hung easily by following a few instructions, depending on

How to Align Pictures on a Wall

Pictures are a great way of adding color and a personal touch to one's house. Placing a group of pictures together over a couch or on top of a fire place, for example, can turn a group of photos into a focal point in the room. However, when using multiple pictures, it can be difficult to align them

How to Redo a Loft Apartment

If you like the idea of open space and wide open decorating options, a loft apartment can be the perfect choice. A loft apartment provides a totally open space, and it is up to you to divide that space into a functional living room, dining room and bedroom. If you are tired of the way your loft apar

How to Clean a Polyester Fiber Mattress Pad

Cleaning a mattress is a difficult task. That's why the mattress pad was invented. It adds another layer of protection between you and your mattress since often times, sheets are not enough to keep the mattress clean. Many mattress pads are made from the synthetic fiber called polyester, which is a

Let Your Walls Do Your Talking

Getting your message out there is really easy when you express yourself with vinyl wall quotes. With a variety of styles to choose from, you can display your messages attractively throughout the house.

How to Hang Heavy Framed Mirrors

It is not difficult to hang a heavy mirror in drywall, but care must be taken to avoid it from falling. This is a two-person job that can be done with a few tools and materials available from most hardware stores.

Decorating Your Home for Romance

Here are some great tips for creating a sanctuary in your home to which you can retreat at any time, feeling relaxed and in the mood for romance. We'll get to the bedroom, but first let's take a look at the rest of your home.